10th Anniversary - Part 1

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This collection embraces our past and celebrates the future. A culmination of ten years of design, these products highlight geometric shapes and our passion for materiality while balancing presence and permanence.

Blob Coffee Table

Characterised by its recognisable ‘blob’ shape, this coffee table has a subtle yet solid presence, making it a pleasant addition to any living space.

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Column Cabinet

This new cabinet is the perfection of simplicity in design and construction, featuring oak wedges and half-lap joints to hold it together.

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Mikado Dining Table

This distinctive dining table, inspired by the pick-up sticks game of the same name, stacks unexpected details with intentional design. 

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Reimagining the future


This collection is a culmination of ten years of design. We believe that the pieces presented, many of which are made of responsibly sourced wood, show the progress we have made as a conscious design brand and represent our optimistic and ambitious vision for a zero-waste furniture industry.

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